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Welcome to editing your profile 101

The more information about your boat you give the better others can help you. Asking 20 question to find out you have a 1993 2452 with a 5 liter Alpha 1 Gen II, well, it is easier if you we can just read it first. Also what part of the world would be nice. If you ask me how to winterize your boat I am going to let you know how we do it for temps of -40 Fahrenheit, this may not help you if you live in southern Florida.

This also shows the fun stuff like adding a avatar (the picture that represents you) and links to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

So here goes:

Everyone has a profile.



Just as everyone has an Edit button



Several things to edit here, First would be your personal information,



And that looks like this,



Here is a thing to remember....



Between the top and the bottom is where you link to social media sites

Fun stuff now like your Avatar



Please be tasteful, no crotch shots or other non family safe pictures.  Avatar size is limited to 2048kB.  

And just like Jesus....



Any questions?